Dark Navy Linen Sheet on a Pink Velvet Chair

Properties of Linen

Our sumptuous linen is made from pure European flax, gently stonewashed to create a relaxed feel and look with subdued colours to complement any home décor. It has been carefully chosen for its outstanding qualities, the natural fibres of the fabric are highly breathable enabling it to absorb humidity thus keeping you cool in the summer and yet warm in the winter. Linen has long been respected for its hypoallergenic properties making it a perfect choice for those who suffer from allergies. Due to the structure of the flax fibres, linen is far stronger than cotton and the beauty of the fabric will only grow with age as it becomes softer and supple with use and washing.

Pure French Linen Sheets on a Chair

Caring for your Linen

Linen is a wonderful natural fabric that is super easy to maintain, with a little care you can enjoy the benefits of your linen for many years. We recommend washing at 40 degrees with a mild detergent that does not contain whitening agents or optical brighteners, bed linen can be tumble dried on medium heat or ideally line dry away from direct sunlight.

Do not tumble dry your linen throw, we recommend drying on a flat surface after a gentle wash cycle.

Linen looks beautiful in its natural form and therefore ironing is not essential. However, if you desire the look of perfect bed linen, iron whilst still slightly damp, this will create a lustre. Be careful not to spoil your linen as it requires a hot iron to remove creases, but far too hot and it will scorch. Our advice is wash, dry and adore.

Never use bleach on your elegant linen. This will harm the fibres and alter the colour.